Passionate about Perks

Our Mission

We aim to provide a mobile App for customers to use and redeem perks from participating businesses.

Our Vision

One mobile App for customers to use to perticipate in multiple Perks Programs

From The Founder

I started this idea with the goal of helping out a local cafe, and now it's grown.

Perks programs or Customer Loyalty programs are very helpful to businesses, and oftentimes the customers do not want another account or App to download.

I want to offer everyone, one last App to download for Perks & Customer Loyalty, myPerksCity.

Short History

What started as a simple exchange of Coffee for an App, has now become myPerksCity.

  1. Cefe Latte-Da


    When visiting Cafe Latte-Da one morning in Oct, I spoke to the owner. She was offering a Free Coffee program where customers could buy 6 Coffees and get the 7th Free. I've seen these types of programs before, but on this day, I was also looking for a project. After jokingly offering to make the App for unlimited free coffee, surprisingly she agreed.

  2. Release of the Latte-Da Free Coffee App


    After working the mobile app and server API, the app was ready to release!

  3. myPerksCity started


    Working with Latte-Da and other businesses & tech friends, I formulated the begining of the idea.

  4. myPerksCity Development Underway


    myPerksCity Full Design & Development started

  5. myPerksCity Website Launch


    This website! We've launched and are open for business!